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Why no Prices?

The manufacturers we represent do not allow us to display prices on our website unless we are promoting a unit at a discount to clear inventory. However, because of our low overhead, we generally can offer lower prices than our competitors in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are committed to providing you with good value and quality service. We take pride in our business.

Since 2008, approximately 20% to 30% of brick-and-mortar Fireplace Retailers have gone out of business, many due to the combination of high overhead costs and low consumer demand. While fireplace manufacturers support their dealers, it is in their best interest to support only sustainable business models. Manufacturers recognize that Internet sales lead to extreme downward pressure on prices. This downward pressure can result in a cascade of failed brick-and-mortar dealerships that have the end result of limiting the supply chain that leads to you, the end customer. Internet sales also separate you from the technical knowledge that you need to make informed fireplace purchasing decisions.

Our business model is a hybrid. Our website shows you the products we sell so that you can include our product information with other information that you gather from Internet research. If you decide you want to consider purchasing one of our products, you then stop by our showroom to consult with us and see examples of the fireplaces that we sell. We have 27 burning fireplaces on display.

Fireplace products are technical as well as aesthetic products: the consumer must consider numerous factors. Our sales strategy is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. An only-Internet-sales business can't provide you with personalized service that includes providing expert information and an inspection of your installation space to ensure your requirements, your product choice and the constraints and opportunities of your installation space are compatible.

Every one of us here at Kidd Fireplace HATE "hard sell" tactics, and therefore we practice "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". We respect our customer: we treat you as a peer with whom we are consulting, and we act with integrity.

Just as important to manufacturers is the fact that, when you purchase a fireplace directly off the Internet, you have not purchased from a dealer who can install your unit, and service it for years to come. A brand's good reputation depends on both the quality of the built product as well as the quality of after-the-sale maintenance and service. We provide sales; as well as installation; regular maintenance, and repair service.

We help you with your purchase decision, including analyzing your physical site as to which products are technically feasible. Fireplaces have site specific constraints, requirements and require technical knowledge related to building codes, safety standards, as well as physical fit and venting constraints of your particular space.

Kidd Fireplace supports the families of services techs, installation crews, and office support staff. Unlike many installers and service techs in this industry, we are completely legal, licensed, and insured. We are experts.

We take pride in our business, and we look forward to its continuing well-being so, for years to come, we'll be here when you need us.


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No one better in the Bay Area!

No one better in the Bay Area!

I have valued the expertise and commitment towards customer care and satisfaction that Kidd Services has provided over the years. Any questions or...

Awesome service

Awesome service

Awesome service