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Fireplace Repair and Maintenance Service

      If you need a Repair or Maintenance appointment, you are likely to find the information below useful  prior to calling us. But feel free to call right away!

      This page defines what we mean by Maintenance and what we mean by Repair. Also, it explains the  seasonal, geographical, and type-of-unit constraints on our Maintenance and Repair work and scheduling.

 How We Prioritize Maintenance and Repair Appointments
 Seasonality and our Geographical Service Area
 Scheduling and Geography
 We Do Not Work on Certain Fireplaces
 Repair Estimates
 If a Part is Required for Repair
 Repair Guarantee


       Maintenance: If your fireplace is working, request a Maintenance appointment. We only provide Maintenance  service on gas units; not on wood or pellet unless you purchased the unit from us.
       Maintenance means tuning up a working gas fireplace. We perform the same set of Maintenance Tasks for each  fireplace unit.
       Please note: we are not able to make Maintenance calls in the winter. We focus on Maintenance during the  spring and summer. It is during these seasons that we may send out our Maintenance Discount postcards.

       Repair: If your fireplace isn’t working, request a Repair appointment.
       Repair means that the technician will first diagnose the cause of the failure then fix the fireplace.
       We service what we sell, regardless of fuel. For units that were not purchased from us, we service only gas units.

How We Prioritize Maintenance and Repair Appointments

       Unfortunately, we have had to prioritize our Repair and Maintenance scheduling. The demands are greatest during  our Bay Area winter.
       Our first priority is to repair fireplaces that have been purchased from us.

Seasonality and our Geographical Service Area

       Our Repair area is constrained to Oakland, Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Kensington,  Richmond, San Leandro and the near cities off Highway 24 through the Caldecott Tunnel.

Scheduling and our Geographical Service Area

       For any given day, we must schedule within contiguous geographical areas to maximize the technician’s time, as well  as the overhead costs of the vehicle.

We Do Not Work on Certain Fireplaces

       There are certain Fireplace brands that we do not work on. Some of these are Monessan (unless we sold), Empire  (unless we sold), Hearth Stone Tucson, Dura Glow, Waterford Emerald, Comfort Tech, Desa, Heat Surge, Breckwell,  American Flame.
       We do not work on wood or pellet units unless we sold the unit.

Repair Estimates

       We arrive at the service site with the intention of fixing your fireplace. No, we do not provide estimates for service  and repair.

If a Part is Required for Repair

       If the service technician has the part needed, the cost of the part will be added to your invoice total for the service  call.
       If the service technician must order your part, you will prepay for the part. When the part arrives at our warehouse,  we call you and schedule a service appointment to install the part. The service labor rate, including the trip charge,  applies to the subsequent service call.
       We work on many different brands of fireplaces; therefore, sometimes we will not have the part needed for your  fireplace.
      Our service technicians carry a good supply of parts, and they carry the parts that are most prone to failure. A key  metric for our Service Department is the number of service calls where we are able to fix the appliance on the first visit.

Repair Guarantee

      Our work has a 30 days guarantee. The guarantee covers the work done for the problem reported and repaired, and  any parts that we install.



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