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Great job from sales through installation. One very happy customer loving his fireplace. No more cleaning out the ashes

Richard Stinson, Google

If you’re looking for an honest recommendation for what fireplace insert is best your your home project, that has top notch personalized customer service, look no further! The team at Kidd fireplace was phenominal!

Kidd was recommended to us by our contractor so I went into their showroom floor to see what they had to offer. I was greeted by Perry who was so wonferful to work with. He was friendly, very knowledgeable about each product and didn’t try to upsell any unit that didn’t match our rooms needs/style. Based on the square footage of my living room, he helped me pick out the perfect Regency unit that heats the room perfectly which added a sleek look to our new space.

I scheduled a site visit to get an assessment for the project since we were adding a new gas line to the room to power all our new appliances. Kevin came out and thoroughly explained to me what was needed, made great recommendations for our plumber to ensure the gas line would not impede the installation. He also went above and beyond to go over the height code for the mantle I wanted to hang above the unit. Kevin is very personable; his knowledge of the business really put my mind at ease.

The team who installed the actual until were efficient and their work area was neat and clean. They made sure to show me how to work the unit and reviewed all the safety features with me.

I can’t tell you how happy we are with our new fireplaces. I highly recommend them for your project 🙂

Violeta Luna-Jones, Google

If you’re looking for an honest recommendation for what fireplace insert is best your your home project, that has top notch personalized customer service, look no further! The team at Kidd fireplace was phenominal!

Kidd was recommended to us by our contractor so I went into their showroom floor to see what they had to offer. I was greeted by Perry who was so wonferful to work with. He was friendly, very knowledgeable about each product and didn’t try to upsell any unit that didn’t match our rooms needs/style. Based on the square footage of my living room, he helped me pick out the perfect Regency unit that heats the room perfectly which added a sleek look to our new space.

I scheduled a site visit to get an assessment for the project since we were adding a new gas line to the room to power all our new appliances. Kevin came out and thoroughly explained to me what was needed, made great recommendations for our plumber to ensure the gas line would not impede the installation. He also went above and beyond to go over the height code for the mantle I wanted to hang above the unit. Kevin is very personable; his knowledge of the business really put my mind at ease.

The team who installed the actual until were efficient and their work area was neat and clean. They made sure to show me how to work the unit and reviewed all the safety features with me.

I can’t tell you how happy we are with our new fireplaces. I highly recommend them for your project 🙂

Violeta L, Yelp

Kidd Fireplace did a great job helping me select and then installing a gas fireplace insert in my house that was built in 1910. With an old coal burning fireplace which is very small, I didn’t have a lot of options…in fact only 2 and Kidd Fireplace had them both. After discussing it a bit in the showroom, I made a preliminary choice. The next step was for Kidd Fireplace to come out for a site visit to check things out, make sure what we had been discussing was viable, then write up a job proposal. I got the job proposal, discussed some more details over email/phone then signed up and got an install date. The install crew came out as promised and promptly did an excellent job. Jason, Terry, and Jr. were a great crew: Efficient, organized and finished the job with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. From the crew in the shop (Randy, Kevin and Perry) to the installation crew, I would definitely work with Kidd Fireplace again. I should also say that not only am I a homeowner but I’m a former General Contractor, so let’s just say this isn’t my first time working with sub-contractors.

Jon Rossen, Google

Kidd Fireplace went above and beyond with our gas fireplace. We needed the job done quickly for my mom’s 80th birthday celebration. When the log-set we wanted was delayed Kidd offered to put a temporary log-set in, remembering that having this up and running for the party was important to us. Then they would come back and change out the log-set when ours arrived. All of this at no extra charge. Customer service is alive and well @ Kidd.

Brad Thomas, Google

I enjoyed working with Kidd Fireplace. They were very responsive and helpful throughout the process. The installation crew was respectful and efficient. I would definitely work with them again.

Scott T, Yelp

Can’t recommend Kidd Fireplace enough! Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. So far we’ve had THREE gas fireplace inserts installed in two different houses, and every one was a great experience thanks to Kidd. The inserts aren’t cheap, but they make a huge difference in winter comfort, and are much cleaner and more stylish than wood burning fireplaces.

Matt Bigler-Uhl, Google

These guys are the best! I walked into their showroom at the height of their busy season (early November) and they immediately helped me pick out the right set for my home and worked around my schedule to help set up installation. The work was perfect and we love our fireplace! On top of it – they are all super nice and helpful. Highly recommend them.

J.R, Yelp

Have been looking for a gas fireplace insert for our home. We’ve visited and talked to many people and companies. In the end I would only trust Kidd. They are really all about finding the right solution for you and they are not pushy. Their engineer Jason helped us a ton. We worked with Kevin

Dilip Ramachandran, Google

These guys are easy to work with, very professional and they stand behind their work. I had them install a gas stove to heat my cottage, and when the model I picked didnt have enough oomph to head up the place, they came and swapped it out for a bigger model without charging any additional labor! Happy customer…

Ben H, Yelp

Awesome service

Terry Williams, Google

This is a wonderful customer service focused company. I try to get the annual summer maintenance every year, but there have been the occasional instances where Our fireplace has needed mid season service. Randy Kidd is a great business man. He knows his company, keeps it honest, and does excellent hands on work on the units. The installation was efficient and neat, and the price very competitive. We love our gas fireplace, and would recommend this company to anyone who is considering installation of one, or conversion from wood burning to gas.

Linda, Yelp

I had looked into fireplace inserts before I had Kidd Fireplace come to our house. The professionalism and friendliness of the estimate was a bonus, as was the very fair price. We decided to go with them. The instillation process was great. Neat work, no mess after their completion. Since the instillation, the service has been fabulous! Randy is great. I try to have the annual summer inspections, but there are times we need an extra visit. The last visit was because I didn’t change the battery…oops! I love the fireplace, but could have purchased one from any number of sources.
What makes Kidd Fireplace so special is their excellent follow up, friendly, and honest Service.

Linda B, Yelp

Simply the best experience I’ve had with anybody in the construction/remodeling industry in a long time. The salespeople knew what they were talking about without using any sleazy sales tactics. The estimator and installers were are very professional, on time, and nice. The install looks great, and all at a reasonable price.

Bart H, Yelp

Kidd fireplace installed my gas fireplace in 2006. Since then, when I needed service they were prompt , courteous and did an excellent job with whatever needed attention. I can’t say enough good things about Kidd fireplace and Randy, who comes to do the service, is the nicest guy. I wish I could give them more than five stars because they deserve 100 stars!

Lucia C, Yelp

Jason and his crew installed our gas fireplace today. They were extremely knowledgeable, were in and out of here in no time, did an incredible clean up (and believe me I am picky) You could hardly tell they were here except for my beautiful fireplace. THANK YOU.

Philomena Wurche, Google

Great example of customer service done right. We had a gas insert installed into an existing wood burning fireplace. Perry took good care in the sales room, presented us with numerous options for types, styles & prices. They sent out a technician to inspect & measure the box so they knew exactly what needed to be done on day of install. We had to change the installation date twice & thy were very accommodating. Installation went smoothly, no mess. We love our new flames!

Gail G, Yelp

I have an approximately 10 year old gas fireplace that stopped lighting. After calling many people, including the firm that sold it to me and the manufacturer, I could not find anyone to fix it. Randy was the only one that responded and then he worked with me to find the parts and repair it…saving me destroying the surrounding mantle to replace it. He is reliable and keeps his word. I highly recommend.

Lynne Krummen, Google

Just welcomed Kidd Fireplace Into our home for the annual maintenance and thorough cleaning of our beautiful fireplace insert. We have enjoyed this lovely addition to our home for more than eight years and appreciate the knowledge, courtesy, and professionalism of the company’s represenratives. Actually look forward to each year’s annual maibtebabce service call.

Linda Atwater, Google

Kidd provides both excellent customer service and high quality products. We have purchased three gas fireplaces over the years from Kidd, and have always been impressed by their service and attention to detail.

Trish B., Yelp

Randy Kidd has been taking care of the maintenance on my three gas fireplaces since they were installed in 2005. Kidd Fireplace has been absolutely the best when it comes to the cleaning and repair of my fireplaces. I have found the company seriously lives up to it’s promises: integrity, high quality work, and generously taking the time to do a thorough job. What I find most delightful is that the maintenance folks at Kidd Fireplace show up on the dot – when they say they are going to be at your house or company at a specified time – they are! They are well trained craftsmen that know their stuff and when I ask questions they explain what they are doing and how they do it. They share their expertise it in a calm and reasoned manner so I can understand. Since fireplaces could be the source of potential hazards if not properly maintained, Kidd Fireplace gives me the priceless gift of peace of mind. Thanks Kidd Fireplace!

Terry Hatcher, Testimonial

I recommended Kidd Fireplace several years ago. We still love our Mendota. I can only add that their service is top notch. We just had our annual maintenance visit. Randy always calls if he is going to be even a few minutes late. His care is meticulous. He is so careful, cleans and adjusts everything and checks for proper functioning. He explains what he is doing. Highly professional as well as pleasant. We actually look forward to these annual service calls–Thank you, Randy!

Eleanor And Nick C, Yelp

This is the company to use if you want a gas fireplace insert in the East Bay (or wherever they work). Professional, knowledgable, helpful, on time, clean and great workmanship.

Alexis R, Yelp

Very professional, knowledgable, on time, great work, clean. I couldn’t ask for more!!

Alexis Rhorer, Google

If you are looking a higher end gas insert (as opposed to the simple gas pipe run to some concrete logs), this is the place. They have a surprisingly comprehensive showroom, which can be pretty warm; the result of having to demo heaters in summer. Many of the units are customizable to fit your circumstances, which can really drive the price up. Your choice, though. Staff is easy to work with and the installation went as promised. They showed up on time and left no mess. They even replaced an exiting failed GFCI that they encountered in the course of the job. If you are interested in replacing your fireplace, check them out.

Jeff J, Yelp

if at the end of the day all is well then all is well, the folks at Kidd got back to us and finished the job. The stove is beautiful and Jason does wonderful work.
Giving a couple of times when the work can get done is helpful given how busy these guys are. And they do do it all, gas line, the electric, and installation.

Linda S, Yelp

We want to give a special shout out to Perry who was So on top of everything and made us very comfortable throughout the process and then the installation.
Great Crew! We just Love our new gas insert!

Sean Zoesdad, Google

We bought a Mendota fireplace insert from Kidd Fireplace and Spa several years ago. Randy Kidd has been so helpful. Besides being extremely knowledgeable, he is patient and pleasant. He even came to service our fireplace when his schedule was so booked he could only come on his lunch break. Much as we like our Mendota, the excellent service provided by Kidd is what earns five stars– highly reco

Eleanor And Nick C, Yelp

Kevin worked with me on 3 different fireplaces which an architect had spec’d. The architect hadn’t researched any properly. All were issues from the start and Kevin was incredibly helpful. He presented numerous options to try and make things work. All the people there were professional and wonderful to work with. Thank you!

Nancy M, Yelp

Kidd Fireplace installed our new gas fireplace when we purchased the house in 2010. Although it functioned perfectly at first, after a couple of years we saw a series of problems: burners cut out from time to time (and then re-lit themselves), for example, and excessive and premature wear on the burners. Not a safety issue, but disconcerting.

Randy Kidd and the office staff always responded promptly to our requests for assistance, and over the years we saw a lot of Randy for regular maintenance and extensive repair and parts replacement. The point of this review is to document the action of Kidd Fireplace to replace the electrical and mechanical elements of the fireplace entirely with the latest Mendota product. Mendota provided the parts under warranty, and Kidd Fireplace treated the labor as warranty as well.

The result is effectively a new fireplace and one that works perfectly. We are delighted with it, and very appreciative of Kidd Fireplace’s actions to find a definitive solution. We highly recommend them, and would hire them again.

Don T, Yelp

Randy is awesome!! We have had a few people look at our gas fireplace that was installed by a previous owner and no one could fix it. Randy came out and knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. He had parts available and now we have our downstairs living room ready for winter. We are so happy that we found Kidd Fireplace and will recommend them to all of our friends looking for a new, custom install or repair.

Mary V, Yelp

Kidd came out to my home, arriving within the designated time window they gave me, and fixed my fireplace. They were able to give me the part under warranty, and I only had to play for labor. Score! The technician was very clean and friendly. On time. Fair price. Clean. Friendly. What else do you want for a service call?

Scott S, Yelp

Good people.

Steve Sidle, Google

I went down to their new location and made an appointment. Kevin came out and gave me a quote on a Regency. He was able to give me options for my existing fireplace from the 60s. We decided to go with an insert which looked great and worked very well for my home. They came back out the second time to install a custom chase pan. Looks beautiful! Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Jason came out for the install, he was professional, competent, and on-time. Work quality was excellent! Overall, a good experience.

John W, Yelp

Kevin got us exactly what we wanted after thoroughly evaluating all options with us. Scheduling was easy – install was timely and communication was great throughout the process. Thanks!

Andy V, Yelp

We purchased a Mendota gas fireplace from them and Perry was very helpful in answering all our questions. Kevin handled the scheduling; his crew showed up on time at the appointed day, the installation went smoothly, and the fireplace looks beautiful.
We got a remote control with it and its a breeze to use. With its off-on button, you can adjust the fireplaces’ built in fan, mood lighting, and two rows of flames any way you want without leaving the couch. (We highly recommend everyone getting a remote control).
We’re more then happy to recommend Kidd Fireplace and the Mendota model we bought.
Thanks guys for a job well done!

Will C, Yelp

I find it hard to believe how people have had a bad experience with these guys. Couldn’t be nicer and more accommodating. We’ve mostly dealt with Perry who is a gem.

Jayne A, Yelp

Love our new gas fireplace. The folks at Kidd Fireplace are terrific – Randy, Jason, Perry and Kevin. Installation was so smooth. I highly recommend Kidd. Looking forward to being cozy with new fireplace

Barry K, Yelp

Still as fantastic as ever! Great service, fast, affordable and just generally good people.

Catherine C, Yelp

Wow, I can’ believe how wonderful the fireplace looks (Rasmussen Evening Prestige), and working with Kevin was the best. Before ordering, he came to look at my fireplace and measure — he said I could easily have a 30-inch, then he recommended the unit where the logs sit on sand so there is no grate. I still don’t know how the flame gets through the sand, but it does! We also selected remote control with variable flame adjustment — it is the best setup! The burning “embers” and lava rock around the base of the fireplace make it look very real. If you have a gas hookup already, you just need a plumber to install the unit to the gas line. You can do the rest yourself, the directions that come with the unit are clear. I did call Rasmussen (on a Saturday) for one question and they were very helpful. I laid out the sand and embers, then positioned the logs the way I wanted them. So happy to have it installed for the holidays!

Helen T, Yelp

I give them a five star rating. The whole process was pleasant. They were on time work was done fast and they cleaned up after themselves. They showed us how to operate the system and it worked.
It is beautiful and we love it.

Judi D, Yelp

We strongly recommend Kidd Fireplace Services. Kevin did an excellent job in explaining the various options and trade-offs for fireplace inserts, helped us picking the right choice, and came quickly for a visit to discuss the project and the cost. Jason did the actual installation in an outstanding manner – high quality and very professional service. We love our fireplace insert – every dollar spent with Kidd is worth it!

Andreas K, Yelp

At last I found a service professional who can advise me on, and handle all, my fireplace needs in a reliable and timely manner.

Nancy Lovejoy, Testimonial

I just wanted to reiterate my total satisfaction with Kidd Services. I have worked with several contractors since we bought our house and you guys were such a joy to work with. I really appreciated the fact that you always called back within 24 hours and showed up as promised every time. Even when you were running 20 minutes late, you called. Then, when it was time to do the work, the guys were so great. They were polite and cleaned up all of the mess and I swear they didn’t rest the whole time they were at our house.

Thank you so much!

Heather, Testimonial

I purchased a wood insert for my fireplace. Kevin was the sales guy who took the order. He was very knowledgeable about the products and did a great job putting the order together. I had some special considerations as to when the unit would be installed. Kevin got me a great date which was most appreciated! When install date was upon us, Jason & Jeremy were my installers. They put the unit in and did a very professional job! The stove burns well and I am finally enjoying what has been the cold end of my house. Now it is toasty! I would definitely recommend Kidd to anyone! Great job guys! Thank you!

Chris B, Yelp

Randy arrived on time and took care of the immediate needs of our fireplaces; maintenance and helpful hints going forward. He’s a professional and I highly recommend Kidd!

Lorraine Pohl, Testimonial

After a terrible experience with Blaze Fireplaces (see my 1 star review) I turned to Randy to fix things. What a professional! He showed up in a timely manner, behaved extremely professionally, and best of all fixed our gas fireplace. It’s now working reliably and is clean as new after he serviced it. Randy has a very friendly and helpful demeanor. We will be using Kidd again in the future.

Shawn E, Yelp

We bought a Gas Insert from Kidd and had a great experience. We got estimates from all the major local places. Kidd was priced comparably. We ended up picking them because they are the only one that also does the Gas lines, and Electric. We figured, if something goes wrong it’s better to have “one neck to choke”. I was afraid of a scenario where the installer blames the plumber blames the electrician etc. We did not regret the decision.

Something did indeed go wrong with the unit we bought (Regency U390, starter went south and wouldn’t turn on), and they stood behind the work. Randy had to come out twice, and had to disassemble and rebuild the unit. He did so without complaint, and we were not charged. While I’m sure we were still under warranty it was refreshing to see them stand behind their work with no argument. When I thanked Randy he made it clear that they “want to do right” by the customer.

E L, Yelp

My husband and I are repeat customers with Kidd Fireplace. Four years ago, Kidd Fireplace installed a Regency gas fireplace for us in our home of 31 years. We just relocated to another home in another community last month. My husband and I visited Kidd Fireplace’s showroom last month and Kevin took a lot of time explaining the features of all the gas fireplace brands they currently carry, and advised us on the size unit to choose that would meet the heating needs of our family room. Kevin gave us some additional reading materials, we did our due diligence, and then made a decision on the brand and model we wanted. Kevin came out to our house and took a look around at our gas line situation. There were some peculiarities in our particular setup and it was apparent that this was not going to be a straightforward installation. Kevin said his installers would make it work, and make it work they did. Jason and Terry, the two installers who have been with Kidd Fireplace for years, came out to the house and worked diligently to extend the gas line to where it needed to be, installed the gas fireplace unit, and then explained to us in detail how to change the batteries in both the remote control and the remote receiver inside the fireplace. I took digital photos of how to do this which I will have for future when the batteries do need to be changed. Jason was uber patient with me while I asked questions (Fireplace 1 for Dummies) until I understood what I would need to do when it comes time to change the batteries.

Probably the best thing we can say about Kidd Fireplace is that we are repeat customers, and people don’t do repeat business with companies from which they receive bad products or services. We plan to order another fireplace insert from Kidd Fireplace for our living room so we can heat that area and save on heating the entire house with the central furnace. I recommend Kidd Fireplace and Spa without reservation.

G. W, Yelp

I am currently remodeling my entire house and shopped around several vendors for our Napoleon HD81 See Thru Fireplace. I have dealt with several vendors and sellers and couldn’t have been happier with my experience with Kidd Fireplace and especially Kevin!

We are on a tight schedule and Kevin quickly got us everything we needed to accomodate our project. I couldn’t be more pleased and will definitely be back when we landscape our backyard and put in a firepit!

Jan R., Yelp

Randy Kidd was just here to service my gas Valor fireplace, which his company installed about 5 years ago.
This company is a good, solid business. They are prompt, knowledgable and stand behind their work.
They offered me the summer discount cleaning rate which I was happy to receive.

Frank U, Yelp

Randy will work on the most difficult problems until they are resolved. Highly recommend his service.

Ellie Bunyard

Ellie B, Yelp

Tremendous service, support, quality of work, and very fair.

Kevin R, Yelp

Five stars for Kidd Fireplace! My fire set was installed on November 12, 2011.Not being satisfied because of sizing misjudgment, about 3 months later I called to ask what I could do to alter the set. The owner offered to replace and upgrade the set at his expense stating if I wasn’t happy, he wasn’t happy. The installer was polite and very careful to keep the area clean. The new set is perfect. I highly recommend Kidd for service and integrity.

Rita L, Yelp

Once again, Randy ( Kidd Fireplace Service) has done a great job. I have used them/him for several years now and have found them to be prompt, reliable and professional. I appreciate their knowledge and experience and willingness to answer my many questions about what is going on with my gas insert. Even though they did not install my insert, they were quite able work on it and solve the issues.
In these tough economic times, it is nice to find a person/company worth the money that is charged. I will be calling you folks again!

Linda S, Yelp

Well I must say, I was not disappointed, I to was keep informed to my appointment times, had Randy do some clean up work that I had tried myself(don’t try yourself- just hire these guys!!) They are Certified with The National Fireplace Institute, not only that, they keep there certifications up to date, very professional, resonable prices, and now I have a fireplace that works better that it ever has!! Love this gentleman Randy, and a shout out to his co-owner Kevin as well. I highly recommend there service and will refer them to friends and family. Kevin had great knowledge of an old stove of mine, and was great to talk with. Keep up the fabulous work that you do!!
Best regards, Liz

Elisabeth Graham, Testimonial

I have used Kidd Fireplace Service to repair and maintain my Fireplace. I have always received great service in all areas. Randy is fantastic at setting and keeping appointments, communicating when he is traveling to my location, what he is doing during and after the repair, and keeping me informed about parts needed, ordered, and when they arrive for installation. Randy is not only professional and knowledgeable of his craft, he is friendly and welcome in my home. I look forward to having him assist me with my future Fireplace needs.

Doug Richardson, Testimonial

Highly recommend this Family owned business that pays attention to detail. Provided repair as well as creative design and remodeling of my old fireplace. Both Randy and Jason did excellent, professional work and were a pleasure to work with. Susan kept me updated and arranged work based on my schedule. My Fireplace is beautiful!

Sharon Brown, Testimonial

showed up on time and did what was promised for exactly the price quoted. And even though he had the fireplace working to my satisfaction, Randy insisted on replacing the new flame regulator at no additional cost, which meant he had to order it, schedule another service call and install it. Amazing! Also, Dee is very friendly on the phone and even sends out emails reminders.

Cindy N, Yelp

We thought we had a problem with our pellets, too much moisture, not quality pellets, what ever. The real problem was so simple; we needed to close the ash dump door. We didn’t know so we called Kidd for help. Just a simple fix but Randy insisted on coming out to inspect the unit immediately, and this was on Saturday. The installation crew did a splendid job installing the stove and cleaning up the construction mess and the sales rep, Kevin, was very reassuring and informative during the purchase process. Customer first and customer care could be there motto. Thank you Kidd fireplace

Gary, Testimonial

Our 20 year old gas fireplace (no longer in production) stopped working. I got phone quotes that would only replace the entire unit at costs ranging from $3K to $7K.

Randy came and over 2 visits over 6 weeks replaced three parts for $1100 slightly under his initial quote.

John M, Yelp

I called Kidd to get some information on a gas insert and whether our chimney might need some repairs before installing one. He was so kind and informative. He helped me to understand that I was actually talking about a gas log set and then explained the difference and what I might need in terms of repairs if I went with one versus the other. After I repair the chimney, I will go back to them to purchase the insert or gas log set because he was so helpful.

Sara H, Yelp

We love our new gas fireplace. We had Kidd Fireplace Service take out the old pellet stove that kept giving us problems and they installed a gas stove. This stove gives off so much heat, it’s amazing. I love it, so easy, no more hauling in 40# bags of pellets, not to mention going out to buy the pellets and trying to find good prices and filling the truck up and hauling them back to the house, what a hassel! No More! Wish we would have found Kidd sooner, instead we dealt with Jerry’s Chimney in Hayward who ripped us off, I think Jerry’s will be going out of business soon, let’s hope. Thanks Kevin and Randy, very happy customers, even happier that we can now stay on the couch to adjust the heat, what luxury!!

Yelpergirl C, Yelp

Kidd Fireplace services installed our gas fireplace in 2006. Jason was the installer and he was thorough, professional and very helpful. In January 2010, the fireplace wouldn’t light. Randy said a spider had probably made a web in the burn orifice. He was absolutely right. He cleaned that out in the first half hour which is the the minimum labor charge. It was no easy task since he had to take everything apart to get to it! I was in kind of a rush to get it serviced and they accomodated me on that also which I greatly appreciated. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone

A.G, Yelp

The installation and the functionality of the fireplace insert we viewed was exceptional. We hope you open a sister store in Washington!

Lee & Rena Becker, Testimonial

My wife was so satified with your work that she wanted me to tell you right away. Your guys were very neat and professional, and did a great job. She is very satisfied at how fast and neat your crew was. Hopefully we can do additional business in the future, and we will refer you to others. Thanks so much!

Tony Romos, Testimonial

I recommend Kidd Fireplace Services because they did great work that was on time and on budget. It was a pleasure to work with Randy all the way from planning to the final installation, and even after the fact and we needed a few adjustments. Randy came through for us and we will absolutely use his services again.”

Bob Condon, Testimonial

We would like to thank you for the excellent job in installing a gas fireplace in our home. Your company was very responsive and efficient in completing this project. Your installation was part of a larger remodeling project. It was great to work with a company that was prompt and flexible in meeting our installation schedule. You and your employees were polite, neat, followed through with everything but in particular the phone calls….that is so important to us….that businesses call you back in a timely manner.
Thanks again, Norma and Bob Evans

Norma and Bob Evans, Testimonial

Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate the integrity with which you guys handled my service. We are enjoying the fireplace . . . and it looks great. Best, John

John, Testimonial

Dear Randy, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the courteous service of Jacob Gammil and Terry Williams. They worked diligently and were quite willing to answer any questions I had. They put down a protective cloth so that the carpet was protected, and cleared up scrupulously before they left.

Sincerely, Patricia.Brucker

Patricia Brucker, Testimonial

I have valued the expertise and commitment towards customer care and satisfaction that Kidd Services has provided over the years. Any questions or problems that I have are quickly handled by Randy or his staff.

Attention to detail, and commitment to the quality of the brands that they sell are also paramount to this organization, and it shows in the products that they use; to put it simply, they last.

I love working with Kidd Fireplace Services, and regularly recommend them to my friends and associates. To me, there is no one better in the Bay Area!

Mary Owen, Testimonial

After calling several contractors, I decided on Kidd Fireplace Services because they were prompt and professional in the bidding process. They did an excellent job of installing two fireplace inserts and one mantle on an expedited basis.

Dennis Woodruff, Testimonial
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