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1150P Wood Gourmet Stove


  • Manufactured by: Napoleon


The 1150P Wood Gourmet™ Wood Burning Stove is unique, functional, EPA certified and produces lots of warm, comfortable heat with the added benefit of a reliable cook top surface. With up to 55,000 BTU’s, high burn output, large firebox capacity and the reliability of having a combined heating and cooking source without the need for electricity, this stove provides a valuable addition to your home, cottage or both!


  • A unique cook stove designed with advanced EPA wood burning technology
  • Solid cast iron cook top surface
  • Fully lined refractory firebox for long burn times and even, consistent heat
  • Convenient wood storage compartment
  • Removable hot plate and lifter with stainless steel gasket to mark “Hot Zones”
  • Flush top design ensures “easy slide” pan movement without having to lift
  • Pot fenders keep the cookware safely on the surface of the stove
  • Easy access ash pan with over sized brushed stainless steel handle
  • Convenient wood storage compartment built right in the pedestal base
  • President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty


Webbed Arched Doors Painted Metallic Black and Satin Chrome Plated Finishes Arched Doors Painted Metallic Black and Satin Chrome Plated Finishes Variable Speed Blower
Convenient Ash Pan Wood Storage Compartment Reliable Cook Top Surface
Pot Fenders
(keeps food safely on the surface)


Model 1150P – Wood Gourmet™ Cookstove
BTU’s Heat Output* High Output (High Burn)**
11,700 – 42,200 55,000
Firebox Capacity (cu. ft.) 1.7
Area Heated (sq. ft.)*** 600 – 1,600+  
Burn Time (Hours) 7  
Log Size (Max) 18″  
Emissions(Grams Per Hour) 4.1
Flue Diameter Top Rear
6″ N/A
Catalytic Combuster No
Mobile Home Approved No
Blower Kit Available Yes
Installation Clearances Corner Rear Sides
Single wall chimney connector from stove to combustibles 6″ 10″ 12″
With approved double wall pipe from stove to combustibles N/A N/A N/A
Weight Of Bricks 110 lbs.
Weight Without Bricks 280 lbs.
If the stove is to be installed on a combustible floor, it must be placed on an approved non-combustible hearth pad, that extends 8″ (200mm) beyond the stove sides and back, and 18″ (455mm) to the front. Clearances can be reduced with shielding acceptable to local authorities. Reduced installation must comply with NFPA211 or CAN/CSA-B365. Clearances are unable to be reduced for the 1150 by using double wall pipe.

*EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rated BTU/h with softwood test fuel (for emissions only) – no refueling.

**Wolf Steel Ltd. own test results showing realistic BTU’s using hardwood logs with regular refueling. Heat output will differ on chimney draft as well as type, moisture content and size of wood.

***Figures may vary with individual conditions such as floor plan layout, insulation value/heat loss of the house, geographical location and firewood used.


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