Maintenance Tasks

Gas Fireplace Maintenance Tasks

Doors, Surrounds, and Front

1. Verify no obstructions to airflow through the louvers.

2. Verify maintenance of proper clearance to combustible household objects.

Gasket Seal, Glass Assembly and Glass

1. Inspect glass panels for scratches and nicks that can lead to breakage when exposed to heat.

2. Inspect gasket seal and its condition.

3. Verify that latches engage properly, clip studs are not stripped, and glass attachment components are intact and operating properly.

4. Clean glass. Recommend glass replacement glass if severely coated with carbon deposits that cannot be removed.

Valve Compartment and Firebox Top

1. Vacuum and wipe out dust, cobwebs, debris or pet hair.

2. Remove any foreign objects.

3. Verify unobstructed air circulation.


1. Inspect for broken, damaged, or missing logs.

2. Verify correct log placement and no flame impingement causing sooting. Correct as necessary.

Burner Ignition and Operation

1. Verify burner is properly secured and aligned with pilot or igniter.

2. Clean off burner top, inspect for plugged ports, corrosion or deterioration. Recommend replacement burner if necessary.

3. Replace ember materials with new pieces. Ensure no obstruction to ports or obstruction of lighting paths.

4. Check for smooth lighting and ignition carryover to all ports. Verify there is no ignition delay.

5. Inspect for lifting/ghosting or other flame problems.

6. Adjust air shutter for best flame performance.

7. Inspect orifice for soot, dirt or corrosion.

8. Inspect pilot for optimal performance.

9. Inspect thermocouple/thermopile for soot, corrosion and deterioration. Clean with emery cloth. Recommend replacement as necessary.

10. Verify millivolt output. Recommend replacement as necessary.


1. Confirm that termination cap remains clear and unobstructed by plants, etc.

2. Verify that termination cap clearance to subsequent construction (building additions, decks, fences or sheds) has been maintained.

Remote controls

1. Verify operation of remote.

2. Replace batteries in remote transmitters and battery-powered receivers.

3. Verify batteries have been removed from battery back-up IPI systems to prevent premature battery failure or leaking.

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